We offer services in our business units in Veracruz, Manzanillo, Ensenada, Lazaro Cardenas , Tula Hidalgo and Mexico City:


  • Loading and unloading of container carriers.
  • Reception, delivery and storage of containers.
  • Consolidation and unconsolidation of FCL and LCL containers
  • Pre-Inspections
  • Railway transference
  • Door-to-Door logistics coordination
  • Spilling assistance
  • Electric supply and refrigerated container monitoring.
  • Empty container management
  • Electronic service information : EDI , Allerts, Tracking , personalized reports.
  • M&R through Container Care ICAVE
  • Habilitation of the external yard as a storage warehouse ( Santa Fe)


  • Intermodal railway and truck services. Through Hidalgo’s Logistic Terminal and from our port terminals, door-to-port and vice versa, including crossborder services, across the US-Mexican border, using intermodal networks.
  • Port and Terminal Services. In Mexico, Hutchison Ports operates ports in Lazaro Cardenas, Manzanillo , Veracruz, and Ensenada, offering safe and efficient container movement and logistic services.
  • Cargo Dispatching and Freight Forwarder services. Covers cargo transport services offering sea, aerial, and terrestrial freight, collecting, delivery, customs, and insurance of all cargo.


  • Ship Repair
  • Conversions
  • Shipbuilding
  • Metalmechanic Fabrication
  • Civil Works
  • Onsite Repairs
Container Care


  • Repair and maintenance of all types of maritime container structures.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of ISO tanks
  • Repair and Maintenance of refrigerated container machinery
  • Repair and Maintenance of moto generators.


  • FOR CRUISES.- Maritime Agent, moorer, homeport services, water supply, garbage collecting, conveyor belt, forklift, luggage scanning equipment, and 24 hour surveillance.
  • FOR PASSENGERS AND CREW.- transportation to and from downtown, tours around local and cultural attractions, car rentals, malls, phones, restrooms, ATM, ambulance and medical service.